Typing Biometrics Authentication API Based on Keystroke Dynamics

Our Typing Biometrics Authentication API (also known as keystroke dynamics) is suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric authentication. Any developer can start using it.

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E-learning & Universities

Minimize cheating on your LMS

The quality of online courses is determined by its certification authenticity.

With TypingDNA API, universities and online LMS can make sure their certification stays credible and authentic. This way, they can check if the person taking the classes is the one that is expected.

A student true identity will be verified for every quiz through a short keystroke dynamics based typing pattern recognition test.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Finally, a better alternative to SMS auth. and online biometric authentication.

Use typing behavior of a person for multi-factor security check, as an alternative to SMS or other common 2FA.

Your users can authenticate with typing biometrics without leaving their device. No special hardware is required.

Global availability, highly affordable(same price for all countries), and easy to integrate. Used for securing login authentications and enforcing reset passwords.

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Financial Services

Increase the number of transactions

We enable frictionless online payments, helping banks get rid of physical tokens & SMS auth.

People can authenticate and authorize transactions with typing biometrics without leaving their device. No special hardware is required.

Typing biometrics is a solid fit for the new PSD2 (payment services directive).

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Online apps

For various use cases, from reducing fraud (account sharing in a user base) to easier password recovery or continuous authorization.

Potential use cases: Secure Login (2nd factor), Validate Users, Prevent Duplicate UGC, Prevent account sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is recorded in a typing pattern?

Our main “typing pattern” is an array of numbers, keystroke dynamics statistics about 44 keys that are used most of the time. We’ve tried different approaches and we’ve decided to use something that does not record the actual text, but rather stats about the pressed keys (press and flight times), also, unlike others we do not record sequences between 2 or more keys (as they can be used to recreate the texts).

Every time we collect a typing pattern (regardless of a number of pressed keys), we get a 320 feature vector. Most of our technology is developed on this fixed typing pattern that looks more like an abstract screenshot. So far we released a JavaScript class that is able to record the keystroke dynamics typing patterns in any web page/app.

How unique are the typing patterns?

Any two typing patterns are different, even those from the same individual. In order to perform typing biometrics authentication you need to rely heavily on artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Matching a pattern against others preserving high accuracy, high speed, and low cost is not an easy job.

How does the API work?

To perform an authentication the app will record a new pattern (with 2 lines of code, using our JS class) will pass it to their server and will call our REST JSON API with 2 or more patterns.

The API logs the call, verifies the API key and returns the matching result from a worker server that does only matching between 2 or more patterns (a redundant solution with stateless servers).

Once the app gets the result it can decide what to do with it (usually, this is a part of a two-factor authentication system that may also be based on location, cookies, passwords, tokens or other biometrics).

More about how it works, visit our API documentation

Where cand I find your API documentation?

We have a dedicated developer support area which can be found here

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