Typing Biometrics Authentication API Demo

About The Demo

Security level

In this quick demo, you can choose between three levels of security based on the API’s quality param.

  • Low security (quality = 1). Optimized for a very low FRR (false reject rate).
  • Standard (quality = 2). This default option has a balanced FAR-FRR rate.
  • Strong security (quality = 3) Optimized for a low FAR (as low as 1%).

In real world applications you may improve accuracy by multiple tweaks, including enrollments on longer texts, multiple enrollments, higher quality level, multiple fail pass, combining multiple factors and using random texts each time.

Read more about this and the quality level in our API Documentation.

How is that helpful?

Our Authentication API is used for various scenarios that require a different level of verification. In the case of a bank transaction, a high-security approach is recommended, where for an exam-cheating test a low/standard level would be enough. This approach is suited for applications where a user isn't pleased to write too much and it doesn't need to be ultra secured.

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